I contacted Rochelle after birth to treat my diastasis recti. Rochelle performed a thorough assessment, specifically for after birth and was always clear with me with what the treatment plan was.  After 5 sessions my condition improved drastically and I reached my post natal exercise goal.  Throughout the process Rochelle was very professional, thoughtful, kind and motivating. Her personal approach was very pleasant and I could not recommend her enough for any Womans Health related Physiotherapy.

Mrs K, Golders Green

Rochelle diagnosed my situation and helped me understand what was happening. She helped me heal, gave me tools for life, and reminded me of how to take care of myself. Her professional approach as well as her kindness were invaluable to me.

Client, London

I saw Rochelle to treat my incontinence and to strengthen my pelvic floor. The recovery after giving birth can be traumatic and stressful but Rochelle’s techniques, exercises and positive attitude really made a difference and brought back my confidence. Rochelle is lovely, caring and a fantastic professional.

Mrs B, Temple Fortune

I feel so much better already, after only a couple of sessions with Rochelle. She really listened and gave invaluable advice that has transformed how I approach my recovery. She’s also incredibly friendly and approachable whilst being a real expert in women’s health. Thank you so much.

Mrs M, London

I arrived to Rochelle at the first session as a “bundle of nerves!”. With her calm demenour she listened to me and validated the intense pain I experienced during intimacy. She patiently guided me through different breathing techniques, a range of exercises and stretches and the use of vaginal dilators. This all helped tremendously to enable my body reach a more relaxed state. Most of all she taught me how to have a relationship with the pelvic floor as well as channeling thoughts of pain positively. At my fourth session I felt a drastic improvement and it’s only getting better! Not only has my pelvic floor relaxed, I also gained an awareness of how many, daily situations can cause tension in the body. With Rochelle’s help I gained the confidence to address these situations with a calm attitude and felt the positive effects physically. I have become a different person!

Mrs T, Stamford Hill

Rochelle is really professional and very friendly. I felt at ease with her especially around the topic of Women’s Health. She was very knowledgeable and able to put me at ease with my worries and took her time with me to teach me some exercises which i could do at home. I felt completely safe during this COVID pandemic as she has protocols in place for cleaning. The access to her clinic is from outdoors, so no worries about crossing other people.

Rochelle is amazing. She’s friendly, caring and really knows her stuff. She’s also passionate about doing whatever she can to help.

Mrs C, Temple Fortune

Rochelle is extremely skilled, perceptive and discreet. I needed to see her only once and was amazed at the difference only one treatment made. I highly recommend Rochelle Cowan.

Mrs O, London

I have been a patient of Katy Winters since November 2020. I had started incontinence a few years earlier, consulted my GP but wanted more help. This lovely bubbly lady gave me an internal examination, tested my strength and gave recommendations as to how to proceed. This comprised using an appliance for support, medication, exercises to strengthen. My condition is largely under control now.

Mrs D, Manchester

Rochelle helped me with areas of my life that I didn’t even know a physio dealt with! She was so calm and caring, and was so keen to do whatever she could to help. I can honestly say that Rochelle has helped me make changes and achieve things that I never thought I would achieve and has transformed my quality of life for the better! I would highly recommend Rochelle’s service.

Mrs S, London

I went to see Katy as I became aware of increasing frequency and threatened incontinence following a menopause induced by anti cancer drugs and a lumbar disc affecting my lower limb function. I became aware that I didn’t feel symmetrical “down there”. I found Katy very professional but caring and supportive. She took time to ensure the exam was done with as much time as needed to make it as comfortable as possible.
She kept me informed throughout allowing me to feel in control of the process and manage my own feelings and emotions.
I felt supported and encouraged to make changes to my exercises to improve my symptoms and local spasm was resolved with care and good effect. I would recommend her highly (and have).

Ms K, Manchester

Rochelle puts you at easy straight away with her kind and professional manner. I would very much recommend her to anyone to need help in this area.

Mrs H, Stamford Hill

I saw Rochelle as I was experiencing stress incontinence. I found her sessions a huge help in understanding and rectifying the problem. She is very knowledgable in her field and sensitive in her manner and put me at my ease straight away! I would highly recommend her to anyone with bladder problems. It doesn’t have to be a problem you live with….

Mrs L, St Albans

Katy has educated, advised, recommended and supported me in a professional and personal manner for 3 ½ years – my visits are a pleasure. I do not hesitate to recommend her.

Mrs K, Manchester

I was advised by my gynaecologist that Katy was the best person to deal with my problem. She was very professional and made everything so simple, everything was explained to me each step of the way during examination which put me at ease.
The pessary that was fitted made such a big difference, and I now have my life back, how I want to live it. Pelvic floor exercises definitely do help too. I would definitely recommend Katy.

Mrs R, Manchester

Working with Rochelle has been an incredibly supportive and positive experience in terms of my physical well-being and and being able to work towards overcoming my difficulties. I highly recommend.

Mrs R, Finchley

Rochelle is one of the best physios I have visited. She made me feel at ease and was very sincere and helpful. She is a 10/10.

Mrs H, Colindale

I was diagnosed with a prolapse in January 2023. My GP didn’t give me much information at all. Worried, I quickly searched the internet and found Katy. She is extremely knowledgable in her field and she really put my mind at ease. She is professional, approachable and warm. I would have no hesitations in recommending Katy….she’s fab!

Ms G, Manchester

I was recommended by my GP to see Rochelle for recovery of my episiotomy which had taken longer to recover and was very painful, and for other post-natal issues like pelvic floor strength and recovery of core muscle separation. I found Rochelle extremely thorough in her check up, explanation and advise. She is very patient and keeps the conversation and therapy at a perfect pace so it does not feel rushed. Her professional and approachable style also kept me at ease and relaxed during our sessions. I highly recommend her.

Mrs P, Hamstead Garden Suburb

Rochelle walked in to my life and really saved me from the terrible pain I was suffering due to SPD. She is amazing at her job, kind and a lovely frum person who I now have the pleasure of calling a friend.

Mrs M, Hendon

I am so impressed with the treatment and care and confidentiality of Rochelle. I have fully recovered and able to go back to my daily routine, without the need to worry, which I didn’t think  was possible. Rochelle has also brought my self-confidence back and my ability to feel stress-free.

Mrs W, Hertfordshire

I am a Physiotherapist myself (we all need some help sometimes!), and would highly recommend her!

Excellent sensitive and caring approach for all your physio requirements I highly recommend Rochelle Cowan Physiotherapy for expert treatment and good advice.

Mrs K, Golders Green

Very knowledgeable!!! I was sure I would need surgery to fix my problems but one visit at Rochelle Cowan Manchester with Katy, and made me realize that with her guide it’s fixable through a few sessions of exercise!! That’s such a relief!

Mrs W, Manchester

Highly Highly Recommended. After a couple of sessions the pain was gone and I’ve gained so much awareness. Sessions were relaxing and Rochelle is just awesome!

Mrs N, Hampstead Garden Suburb

Rochelle has been treating me for dyspareunia for nearly a year. It has been an amazing journey with phenomenal results. Through all the great techniques Rochelle uses, I am no longer experiencing internal pain anymore and I’ve also seen major positive changes in my daily functional activites as well as emotional well being. I would highly recommend Rochelle.

Mrs F, Stamford Hill

Thank you SO so much for everything! I am so truly grateful for your kindness in my very vulnerable months!! Thank you for looking after me and reassuring me! I can confidently say that seeing you throughout the pregnancy has made it more manageable and massively different to my last pregnancy! Will definitely be in touch to boost the recovery process at the right time all being well! Thank you thank you for everything!

Mrs M, Hendon

Rochelle was a lifesaver for us. Being a young newlywed couple we didn’t know where to turn when intercourse was really painful. Rochelle taught me techniques and exercises in her calm gentle manner always sensitive to my needs and feelings. She really held my hand through my first pregnancy and birth and the post natal period. Thanks so much!

Mrs K, Hackney

Throughout my six months of seeing Rochelle, I have seen massive improvements. Rochelle is extremely supportive and works in a friendly and professional manner. She put me at ease and ensured my every concern was addressed.

Client, London

Thank you for your help Rochelle, i look forward to continuing my rehab with you 🙂

Mrs H, Wembley

Rochelle is an incredible physio, not only is she knowledgeable but she is also intuitive. She helped me with Women’s Health physio, I became pain free. For almost 2 years I couldn’t sit, sometimes I couldn’t walk properly, I was in pain constantly. Through working with Rochelle I connected more deeply to my body, she taught me how to support myself, strengthen areas that were challenges and learn how to ensure I could be pain free through listening to my body.

Client, London

I came to Rochelle after several births to help me strengthen my core muscles. Rochelle taught me in a sensitive and gentle way many fundamental exercises which have really helped me to feel stronger and more in control. I would highly recommend Rochelle to all Mum’s post birth.

Mrs Y, Golders Green